Moringa Oleifera extract capsules 500mg


500mg x 60 capsules

Aim to balance hormones & slow the effects of aging while improving digestive health, protecting & nourishing the skin.

PLEASE NOTE: this product represents a 20:1 concentration of the original plant. one 500mg capsule equals 10 grams of the raw dried plant.


Other names: Ben oil tree, drumstick tree
Moringa oleifera
Moringa Oleifera extract capsules are made from the drought-resistant tree of the family Moringaceae. This herb has been used extensively in traditional Ayurveda medicine for over 4,000 years.
Moringa can improve intake of trace minerals, amino acids and phenolic compounds. The plant contains a rare and unique combination of disease-preventing phytonutrients, including flavonoids, glucosides, glucosinolates, zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol.
Moringa was highlighted in the National Institute of Health records in 2008 as a mystery super plant due to its incredible ability to help reverse several major environmental issues and ailments and its remarkable nutritional value.

gram for gram, the plant contains:

  • 2X the amount of protein of yogurt (the highest protein content than any other vegetable)
  • 4X the amount of vitamin A as carrots
  • 3X the amount of potassium as bananas
  • 4X the amount of calcium as cow’s’ milk
  • 7X the amount of vitamin C as oranges
  • 3X more Iron than found in spinach
  • 3X more Beta–Carotene than in found in carrots (compound crucial to healing & bone development, cholesterol control, and anti-cancer protection)

1. Provides Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds
2. Balances Hormones and Slows the Effects of Aging
3. Helps Improve Digestive Health
4. Balances Blood Sugar Levels, Helping Fight Diabetes
5. Protects and Nourishes the Skin
6. Helps Stabilize Your Mood and Protects Brain Health
7. Help arthritis and other joint pain, such as rheumatism
8. Aid constipation, stomach pains and and diarrhea
9. Help with bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections

we also stock Broccoli Sprouts extract (high sulforaphane) capsules

We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are on any medications, pregnant, nursing or having medical procedures.

Do not exceed recommended dose of Moringa Oleifera extract capsules as it may cause laxative effects and an upset stomach when overused.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Health benefits of Moringa oleifera

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Weight 60 g

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