Kombucha Starter Kit


Simple and ready to brew kit
-Organic kombucha scoby culture
-Kombucha starter liquid
-2 types of organic teas: Black tea (pu erh) & oolong tea (ti kuan yin)
-Organic raw sugar
-Brewing vessel thermometer
-pH testing strips
-Downloadable Kombucha brewing instructions upon purchase


Easy, fun and cost-effective DIY kombucha starter kit for making your very own kombucha. our live kombucha scoby culture ferments sweetened tea into a deliciously tart & healthy beverage.

Our kombucha starter kits are produced in Sydney, Australia using the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients.

DIY Kombucha starter kit:

  • Perfect for beginners. Easy step by step instructions
  • Live organic cultures (beneficial friendly yeast & bacteria for gut health)
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Dairy free | gluten free | vegan
  • long expiry
  • The perfect present for any kombucha fan or to teach kids on fermentation.

Feel lost at any point? Our customer support team is here to quickly answer any of your questions along the way.

Our kombucha cultures are commercially grown using only filtered water, organic raw sugar, organic teas and organic kombucha starter liquid. We take pride in growing the healthiest, happiest kombucha cultures possible so you can start off brewing on the right foot.

The kombucha scoby is cut from a larger mother culture. This does not affect the fermentation or quality of the product. Please bear in mind that the images/colour may be different from actual item and is shown for illustration purpose only.

We also have ALCOHOLIC KOMBUCHA BREW KITS – easy steps & ingredients to making your own alcoholic kombucha cider!

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