Cordyceps extract capsules 500mg


500mg x 60 capsules

Our extract is made only from the fruiting body of the mushroom and not the mycelium.
>50% Polysaccharides
>15% Beta Glucans

PLEASE NOTE: this product represents a 20:1 concentration of the original plant. one 500mg capsule equals 10 grams of the raw dried plant.


Cordyceps militaris
Cordyceps extract capsules are made from Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies and has been a staple in holistic medicine for over 5,000 years in China and has long been revered for its potent anti-aging, health-promoting properties. In recent years, research on the cordyceps mushroom has turned up even more impressive findings, reporting that this supplement can also enhance athletic performance, promote heart health and decrease inflammation to keep you feeling your best.
As a true “superfood,” the cordyceps mushroom can slow the effects of aging and stress, help keep the body free from disease and boost energy levels to keep you going all day long.

Cordyceps is believed to have many anti-inflammatory benefits from their ability to positively affect the immune system, fighting oxidative stress and stimulating protective cells that keep the body free from mutations and infections. In vitro studies have found that cordyceps can act like natural cancer treatments in some cases, preventing the growth of tumors and cancer cells. read article here

Considered a type of natural “immuno-potentiating drug,” coryceps supplements are often used to enhance immunity and optimize health. They can also help control autoimmune disorders, minimize excessive inflammation and prevent tissue damage while speeding up healing time. read article here

1. Increases Immune Function
2. Slows Aging and Promotes Mental Clarity
3. Improves Athletic Performance
4. Enhances Sexual Function
5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
6. Supports Heart Health
7. May Help Fight Cancer Cells
8. Combats Stress and Supports Mental Health
9. Promotes Restful Sleep

We also stock other super mushroom extracts: Lion’s mane, Turkey tail & Reishi

Cordyceps extract capsules are considered safe for most people, but there are some potential side effects and interactions to be aware of, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking certain medications.
We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using cordyceps products, particularly if you are on any medications, pregnant, nursing or having medical procedures.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Weight 60 g

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