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About Us

Fern & Lily Botanica is a family owned herbal and brewing ingredients company where you can find some of the world’s best Australian herbal tea and natural health brewing remedies. Our roots started with family remedies that extended to friends and their friends which became so popular that we decided to take our business venture online so everyone can have an opportunity to make their own home brew remedies. We know once you try the Fern & Lily difference you will know you have found the ultimate Australian herbal tea experience.

Like a fine wine and craft beer, there’s just no comparison between fine loose leaf herbals and common broken-leaf tea bags. Fern & Lily want to share with you their botanical collection of the finest home brewing ingredients and custom loose leaf Australian herbal tea blends from the most sought after botanicals in the world.  Available nowhere else, Fern & Lily Botanica will open your botanical mind and body to the taste of flora and spice in our very own blends.


We have a personal love for and belief in the warmth and health enriching powers of a good cup of botanical brew. We invite you to ‘sip into something comfortable’, complete that perfect day and enrich both body and soul as we become your Australian herbal tea house.


Our high quality herbals, resins and brew kits: We’re committed to using pharmacopoeial grade herbs & resins. We try to source our herbs from their native habitats because herbs that are “at home” tend to have the right balance of active compounds.

Wanting Australian Herbal tea, botanicals or home brew supplies ?

For all your Australian herbal tea & home brew needs. If it is something you’re looking for or you cant find it:

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